Firmware Updates

SMT recommends that you use the latest firmware for all products.  Newer firmware versions include new features and capabilities, usability fixes, and WiFi networking improvements.

Note, with the G2 system, when more than one target will be used on the same range, having different firmware versions can reduce WiFi network reliability and in some combinations some G2s might not work at all.

Always feel free to contact us to discuss when, how, or if you should upgrade firmware.

ALWAYS PERFORM A BACKUP BEFORE DOING A FIRMWARE UPGRADE and save your backup.tgz file in a safe place.

Lastly, plan when to upgrade.  Sometimes unexpected problems can happen when doing a firmware upgrade so please don't upgrade firmware the night before an important match or event.  If you run into a problem with a firmware upgrade your dealer can probably help you but there's nothing like having some time available to solve the problem.

Firmware Files  (Note: Firmware update procedures by product are listed in the respective Users Manuals)

G2                              g2-sta-20180920-sysupgrade.bin
SOLO                         solo-190114-007-sysupgrade.bin
S7                              s50-20190115-2472
S25, S50                   s50-20181025-ext4.img.gz
R5                              r5-20151202-red-sysupgrade.bin

T-SOLO Manager      2019-03-11_smt_t-solo-manager_102


Target Faces

While the principle audience for Silver Mountain Targets is shooting at bullseye type targets from 100 to 1000 yards, we do have occasional requests for other silhouette or hunting type targets.  Some of these can be seen on the corporate SMT site,  USA-SMT provides links below to all standard target definition files for current products, and continues to support shooters with custom rifle targets.
If you are missing a target face in your system, please download the appropriate target definition file package below, and install it, per the instructions in the User’s Manual for that product.
G2 and Server Systems
Target Definition File                                    Contents
USA-NRA-SHORTRANGE.tgt                        SR, 200 yard
                                                                         SR-1, 200 yard reduced to 100 yard
                                                                         SR-3, 300 yard
                                                                         SR-21, 300 yard reduced to 100 yard
USA-NRA-REDUCED.tgt                                MR-52, 600 yard reduced to 200 yard
USA-NRA-MIDRANGE.tgt                             MR1, 600 yard
                                                                         MR1FC, 600 yard F-Class
                                                                         MR65, 500 yard
                                                                         MR65FC, 500 yard F-Class
                                                                         MR63, 600 yard reduced to 300 yard
                                                                         MR63FC, 600 yard reduced to 300 yard F-Class
                                                                         MR31, 600 yard reduced to 100 yard
USA-NRA-LONGRANGE.tgt                          LR1200, 1200 yard
                                                                         LR1200FC, 1200 yard F-Class
                                                                         LR1000, 1000 yard
                                                                         LR1000FC, 1000 yard F-Class
                                                                         LR900, 900 yard
                                                                         LR900FC, 900 yard F-Class
                                                                         LR800, 800 yard
                                                                         LR800FC, 800 yard F-Class
USA-FCSA-1000Y.tgt                                     50-Cal Shooters Association 1000 yard
SOLO Systems
Target Definition File                                    Contents
N-USA-NRA-SHORTRANGE.tgt                    SR, 200 yard
                                                                         SR-1, 200 yard reduced to 100 yard
                                                                         SR-3, 300 yard
                                                                         SR-21, 300 yard reduced to 100 yard
                                                                         SR-42, 300 yard reduced to 200 yard
                                                                         US International C-1, 300 meter
                                                                         US International C-2, 200 yard
                                                                         US International C-3, 300 yard
N-USA-NRA-MIDRANGE.tgt                         MR1, 600 yard
                                                                         MR1FC, 600 yard F-Class
                                                                         MR65, 500 yard
                                                                         MR65FC, 500 yard F-Class
                                                                         MR63, 600 yard reduced to 300 yard
                                                                         MR63FC, 600 yard reduced to 300 yard F-Class
                                                                         MR52, 600 yard reduced to 200 yard
               MR31, 600 yard reduced to 100 yard                     
N-USA-NRA-LONGRANGE.tgt                      LR, 1000 yard
                                                                         LR-FC, 1000 yard F-Class


Target Frame Designs

Sample Target Frame

SOLO Sample Frame


Application Notes

The following application notes are technical bulletins of general interest to SMT target users.

G2 Wiring Harness                                                                    Recommended connection/disconnection procedures.
Antenna Connections                                                               Avoid possible PERMANENT DAMAGE to you G2 by following this Application Note
G2 Power-on Sequence for firmware STA-170302              There is a minor usability bug in this version, but still recommended
Remotely Rebooting your G2                                                  If you need to reboot your G2 from the firing line
Checking R5 Repeater Firmware Version                              To check current firmware version of your R5
1 G2 ShootersPac on a Range                                                 Using One G2 ShootersPac As a Stand-Alone Target     
2, 3, or 4 G2 ShootersPac on a Range                                    Operating up to 4 at the same timeat the same time
5 or more  G2 ShootersPac on a Range                                 Not officially supported
Many G2’s (5+) with a Server                                                  Using an S25 Server and Many G2s (5+)                                     
Updating your G2's Firmware                                                 Update Procedure for G2
Updating Your SOLO Firmware                                               Update Procedure for SOLO